Making the choice to participate in a clinical trial is a big decision. Some patients choose to participate in clinical trials because it is the best treatment option available to them. Standard treatments are not perfect, so patients are often willing to face the added uncertainty of a clinical trial in hope of a better result. Other patients choose to participate in clinical trials because the studies are the only way to make progress in their treatment plan. Even if participants do not benefit directly, they are contributing to medical research and may benefit thousands in the future.

Learn about the benefits of participating in a clinical trial.

  • You will gain access to investigational drugs before they are widely available.
  • Medications and care are provided free of charge – no health insurance needed.
  • You will have consistent monitoring of your progress through phone calls and clinic visits.
  • You may potentially increase your health and quality of life.
  •  You will help others by contributing to medical research.

Learn more about the process.

Deciding whether or not to participate in a clinical trial may be easier if you learn more about the process.

  • Learn more about your disease, or condition, and your health.
  • Learn more about the kinds of clinical trials that are available to you and how they are designed.
  • Find out the risks and benefits of participating in the clinical trial.
  • Discuss the information and how you feel about it with your doctor, nurse, family members and friends.

Taking these steps will help you determine if participating in a clinical trial is best for you.