Psoriasis Doctor WorcesterMeet Dr. Charles Birbara,  a Harvard College graduate with a medical degree from McGill University, he is a top psoriasis doctor in Worcester. Dr. Birbara has been active in clinical trial research since 1975 and is an expert when it comes to rheumatic diseases.

Looking for a Psoriasis Doctor in Worcester, MA?

At Advanced Clinical Care, we offer free clinical trials for rheumatic diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Why choose a clinical trial instead of a traditional psoriasis doctor? With standard treatment a patient may not have the access to the advanced medications needed to treat the disease. With a psoriasis clinical trial, patients have the newest medicines available and the effects are closely monitored throughout the entire process by a psoriasis doctor. The close monitoring and frequent follow ups will ensure that you are being well cared for. Check out this blog for more benefits of clinical trials.

Money makes the world go round, but not when it comes to participating in a clinical trial! Unlike traditional treatment where patients are often forced into an expensive co-pay situation, clinical trials are completely free. This means you receive top notch care and advanced medicine at no cost to you.

Biologics to Treat Psoriasis

Advanced Clinical Care uses biologics for many of their clinical trials.  Dr. Charles Birbara, the top psoriasis doctor in Worcester, focuses on biologics because of their ability to target specific parts of the immune system. This is important in clinical trials because it prevents the treatments from affecting other organs in the body.

Sign Up for a Clinical Trial

If you are looking for a psoriasis doctor in Worcester, MA., consider signing up for a clinical trial. Not only will you receive excellent care, but you will help other with your condition. The purpose of clinical trials is to gain knowledge of diseases and advance treatments.