We often get the same question from our patients ready to partake in a biologic infusion for the first time, “how can I prepare?”. It’s important to prepare for a biologic infusion to help calm your nerves about the procedure, especially if it’s your first time around. Here are our tips for the biologic infusion goers:

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Unless you are asked to fast, it’s important to eat a healthy balanced breakfast to keep your blood sugar steady during the infusion.

Invite a friend or family member.

Many of our patients feel more comfortable bringing a friend or family member for support.

Wear comfy clothes.

You’re going to be sitting in a chair, so make sure you wear something soft and easy to move in.

Bring a blanket.

Many people feel that an IV gives them a chill, so bring a blanket in case you get cold.

Pack a snack.

Infusions can last long enough that you’ll get hungry. Be sure to bring a snack with you in case your hunger kicks in..

Have fun diversions available.

Bring a crossword book, magazine, or other activity you can do on your lap. This will help keep your mind off of what’s going on and also pass the time.

Bring a laptop, tablet, or phone.

If your support team can’t make it, connect with them via Facebook, Twitter or texting. Or just play a fun game to pass the time.

Have a driver.

It’s impossible to predict how you’ll respond to an infusion or the pre-medications you will receive, so you may not want to drive home, at least not the first time.

Speak up.

If at any time, you are concerned about your well being, uncomfortable with what’s happening, or worried about anything, speak up.

Lastly, know that infusions aren’t exactly the top of anyone’s list of to do’s, but with patience and time those hours in the chair could offer you something you’ve wanted back for a long time – your life.