Myth #1 – Patients in clinical trials are treated like guinea pigs.

Fact – People often cringe at the idea of participating in a clinical study because they fear they will be treated like a lab-rat. This is far from the case. In fact, patients often receive better care than their primary physician because they are being treated by a doctor who specializes in their disease or condition. Additionally, researches must follow a strict protocol and frequently administer tests to keep up with the participant’s progress.

Myth #2 – Clinical trials are too risky and not safe.

Fact – New treatments being used in clinical trials are often thought of to be highly experimental and unsafe. However, the new treatments are only tested on human subjects after there is valid scientific evidence that the treatments are likely to be effective and safe.

Myth #3 – People only participate in clinical trials as a last resort after other treatments have failed.

Fact – Clinical studies are often another option that offers a treatment plan that may better address the participant’s needs and increase their quality of life.

Myth #4 – I will receive poor medical care participating in a clinical study.

Fact – Participants in clinical studies receive excellent care while being treated. They are monitored very carefully and receive regular testing to keep up with their progress. The research physicians make it their priority for their patients to receive the highest quality medical care.

Myth #5 – If I participate in a clinical study, I won’t be able to drop out.

Fact – It’s the patient’s right to drop out of a clinical trial at any time.