Advanced Clinical Care, formerly Clinical Pharmacology Study Group, was established in 1989 in Worcester, Massachusetts by Dr. Charles Birbara and Mary Coughlin, RN. Charles and Mary wanted to create a dedicated research center to become involved with the newest medications in the field of rheumatology. In the early years, Advanced Clinical Care worked with traditional anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) in conjunction with stomach protecting agents to find a way to administer NSAIDs more safely and with less GI irritation. In the mid 1990’s when the COX II inhibitor medications were being developed, Advanced Clinical Care grew rapidly in order to keep up with the studies the research center was asked to do. In the late 1990’s, we entered the era of biologics for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Advanced Clinical Care has witnessed first hand the tremendous efficacy and improvements in quality of life of their patients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Advanced Clinical Care is to conduct safe clinical trials and offer access to the newest treatments in the field of rheumatology, ensuring that our patients are treated ethically, safely and provided with the best care possible.